Tips for Taking Photos of Silver Jewellery with Mobile Phone

As all of you know, product phots become more important as social media becomes more popular. Not everyone uses cameras as frequent as mobile phones. So, we focused on “taking photos of silver jewellery with mobile phone”.  Well, how can you achieve high quality photos with mobile phone? Here are some tips,

Nowadays, almost all mobile phones on the market is sufficient to meet our needs. What is more, some brands with highest models have professional photo modes. And most of these models are at the same level with many DSLR cameras.

But it is important notice one thing. Even though these devices present us images with DSLR quality, their main production purpose is communication. It won’t be fair to compare these photos with a professional camera.

1-     Know Camera Properties of Your Mobile Phone

Take more photos. Discover camera settings and properties. Shoot glittery objects or items from different angles. As you take more photos, you will learn the setting. In time, you will start manual settings instead of automatic settings.

2-     Don’t Take Vertical Photos

This is one of the most common mistakes when you take a photo with your mobile phone. Depending on your composition, sometimes vertical photos or videos will offer better results. But, remember that it is better to take horizontal photos for better results.

3– Focus on Product

Most of the mobile phones do that automatically. But when it comes to small silver earring, you may need to focus manually. To focus on the product, bring your mobile phone closer to product, select the correct angle, and slowly tap your screen for couple of times. You will see the difference.

4- Use Light Correctly

Silver necklace, silver bracelet, silver basilisk. Regardless of what you are working with, the most important thing is light when you are taking photos of silver jewellery with mobile phone. You will obtain most successful results when you take photos under natural light. Unfortunately, you may not always have the ideal environment. If this is the case, you need to avoid flashlight and shed light on the product before you take the photo. We should emphasise this. Flashlight is horrible idea when you are taking photos of silver jewellery.

5- Keep Your Lenses Clean

Mobile phones are always in our hands, bags, or pockets. And, they can easily get dirty. Even if you applied all these steps, if your lens is dirty, all your work will be in vain. You need to clean your lens with special cloth before you take the photo of the product.

6- Be Careful When You Use Editing Programs

There are many photo editing and filter programs. You need to be careful and use those programs without going to big. Applying filters or editing with an application will create difference between real product and photo.


When you are taking photos of silver jewellery with mobile phone, your main objective shouldn’t be adding good filters. You need to take products photos with correct angle and form. And offer those products to customers. After you advanced in photography, your professional aim should be taking photos with good and correct angle using correct colours. This way, you will decrease negative feedbacks and increase customer satisfaction.