Medical Benefits of Silver Mine

Silver had an interesting history and we have an extensive knowledge about the use of this material. Silver has a wide range of usage area. Silver is not only used for producing jewellery, souvenirs, and ornaments, but it is also used in the medical sector.

In 14th century European context, anti-bacterial property of silver was discovered to fight against the bacteria that cause plague and silver particles were separated and injected to human body via vascular access. This way millions of people benefited from anti-bacterial property of silver and got protection from the plague epidemic. Based on these developments, scientific researches were conducted on silver to enhance the medical benefits of this material. As the researches prevailed and doctors provided extensive information to the public, use of silver spoons, baby comforters, baby jewellery significantly increased.

Silver is not only used in medical and jewellery sector but also in technology and chemistry. Silver is the main components of computers, relays, and batteries.

Scientifically Proved Medical Benefits of Silver:

  • Anti-bacterial property
  • It is found that silver strengthen the immune system to fight against the bacteria where certain anti-biotics lost their ability to fight.
  • Silver can eliminate mould.
  • Also, silver can fight against foot and nail fungus.
  • It is discovered that water enhances with silver has healing properties against HIV/AIDS virus.
  • It is discovered that silver could be a treatment for ear infection.
  • It is discovered that silver could be a treatment for urinary system infections.
  • Silver can also be protective against radiation rays.


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